Shipping Policy

All laser projectors and systems sold through Pangolin Projector Referral Network, LLC, are custom built to order, and will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturing factory to the address provided when placing your order. Client’s are responsible for shipping costs unless otherwise noted, and shipping costs will be shown in our webshop at the checkout page, when placing your order. We will also list the applicable shipping costs on the invoice sent to you, once the order is processed. Build and export times very depending on the time of order, but generally systems will ship between 2-4 weeks time.


All systems are shipped with FedEx, UPS or Cargo Partner. For orders in the USA, FedEx is the most commonly used method of transport. We can arrange the shipment on our FedEx account, and in doing so, applicable shipping costs will be noted in our webshop when checking out, and on the invoice sent to you, once the order is processed. For orders placed in Europe and other geographic areas, we generally ship with TNT or FedEx. Shipping costs will again be noted in our webshop, or on the invoice or pro-forma invoice sent to you during the order process. For large orders, we can also use Cargo Partner as a shipping provider. This is only used in rare cases though, when the size of the shipment may be deemed too costly, to use a more standard shipping provider like FedEx or TNT.


We can also arrange for systems to be shipped using your own shipping account. When using your own shipping provider, please let us know your shipping account number when placing the order. This service is only available when using FedEx, DHL or UPS.


Once the purchased laser systems are finished in production, we will contact you with all application shipping and tracking information. This information will be sent to you via email, to the email address provided at the time of order.


All laser systems sold from Pangolin Projector Referral Network LLC, into the United States, are certified and compliant with all US CDRH and FDA regulations. For US clients:When the systems export, you will be emailed the corresponding CDRH and FDA paperwork, showing that the systems purchased are compliant and certified. You will also receive an import ID form, for customs purposes. Clients are responsible for any applicable duties and taxes, that may be charged for the importation of systems. For EU and International clients: All systems purchased will be shipped directly to the address provided when ordering. Clients are responsible for any application customs duties and or taxes.

Last updated on January 28, 2016.