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UNITY Lasers - Quality and affordable laser projectors for everyone

Envisioned over half a decade ago and formally established in 2020, UNITY is a joint venture and partnership between KVANT and Pangolin, created to help bring a new range of retail-based laser projection systems to the global marketplace.

UNITY products deploy unique laser technologies developed by KVANT and Pangolin that allow us to reduce the costs of building and producing laser projectors while still providing dependable, reliable, and quality products.

We offer systems with power output ranging from 1.7-Watt up to 30 Watts, with customisable options and accessories to help meet your needs and budget. So no matter the show, project or event, between UNITY, KVANT and Pangolin, you can be sure we will have suitable laser display systems for your specific and individual needs.

The RAW series laser projectors are great for consumers, home users and enthusiasts.

The ELITE ILDA series of semi-professional lasers are excellent for smaller venues and show production beginners.

Finally, the ELITE PRO FB4 series is classified as for professionals who are serious about laser displays and show production.