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Safety Scan Lens set

These precision-manufactured lenses allow users to increase laser brightness on effects used to scan audiences without increasing potentially harmful exposure levels. They increase the beam divergence by a set amount, providing a very effective means of keeping effects below the exposure safety limits (MPE).

They are designed to be mounted at the laser projector’s scanner output, acting on beams that travel below the horizon and softening the power density of these beams.

Six different strengths of the lens are available, allowing the divergence of the beams used in the audience scanning effects to be adjusted as necessary by the environment.

At a short projection distance, such as in nightclubs, it will likely require one of the thicker lenses (-4 to -6) to increase the divergence on the lower audience scanning beams.

In larger venues, when scanning over greater distances, one of the lesser strength lenses (-1 to -3) will most likely be suitable.