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Safety Scan Lens

Laser safety is important, and as a professional laserist, you should be careful when projecting laser beams into an audience. This is why we developed the Safety Scan Lens. Our patented Safety Scan Lenses were designed to help make your shows safer while simultaneously allowing your shows to maintain a high level of visual impact.

The Safety Scan Lens is a half lens, which will increase the divergence of the laser beam as it is projected downward into audience areas. Because it is a half lens, laser beams are not affected when they are projected overhead. Thus, the end result is that you can create a stunning laser light show and keep the beams which project on the audience at an enjoyable and safe level.

Six different diopter lenses are available (-1 to -6).
Please note that the Safety Scan Lens bracket is not included and must be purchased separately.
*US Patent numbers 8,506,087 and 8,681,828