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DiscoScan Lens 2.0

In a disco or nightclub, you often want beams to fill the space, but it is sometimes difficult due to the maximum scanning angle of most laser display systems being around 50-80 degrees.

The solution is the DiscoScan 2.0 Lens from Pangolin - a wide-angle lens designed specifically for laser projectors. It allows for laser projections anywhere in a 360° hemisphere.

For example, you could put a DiscoScan 2.0 equipped UNITY laser projector near the centre of your lighting rig, pointed straight down at the dance floor and beams will hit all four walls, as well as every corner of the floor. This way, you could create a ceiling made of laser beams or an umbrella effect.

Please note the DiscoScan 2.0 Lens bracket is not included.

360 Degree Pangolin Discoscan™ Lens 2.0 - 360x180 degree laser projection