The Chainsmokers World War Joy Tour

The Chainsmokers World War Joy Tour

Who are they?


Alex Pail (on the left) and Drew Taggart (on the right) of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an EDM-Pop duo, formed by the artists Alexander Pail and Andrew Taggart. In 2014, they released a breakthrough hit called "Selfie", which took them to the top of the charts in several countries allowing them to rise to fame. Since then, they have released several world wide hits such as "Closer", "Don't Let Me Down" and more.

World War Joy

The Chainsmokers latest tour follows the concept of a dual narrative with a world that has been divided into opposing sides. One side being "Joy" and the other being "War". Portraying a "bright" and "dark" side.

Lasers & Special Effects


Photograph taken by Steve Jennings, featuring a multi-colored set of Kvant's 20W Spectrum laser projectors

Though the show is loaded with all sorts of special effects, the band wanted to keep away from the typically used "over-the-top" EDM types of effects. Instead, they organized everything in a way to enhance specific portions of a show, such as flames for darker parts, or lasers and CO2 for high-energy dance parts.

The band worked very closely with Rocco Vitale and the guys from Pyrotechnico, a longtime vendor for the band, to make sure everything was set in place to put on the best show possible.

Laser Show Technology


Photograph taken by Steve Jennings, featuring Multiple 20W Kvant Spectrum Lasers

Protechnico brought out eight KVANT 20W Spectrums, that were controlled using Pangolin's BEYOND software. Six of the laser projectors were put on the stage, and the other two were mounted in the air, on the left and right of the "Globe of Death". This really helped to showcase the incredible drum solos, and heighten the vibe of the whatever scene happened to be playing during the time.

Laser Equipment Used

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