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ILT2400 Optical Meter

The ILT2400 is the most advancedhandheld light meter and optometeron the market today.

ILT’s Accuspan software automatically sets the averaging while rapidly measuring over 8 decades of light intensities.

The internal software allows customers to capture a peak as brief as 100μS and to store up to 16 readings per second. The colour display works in both landscape and portrait modes.

The ILT2400 supports numerous light measurement applications, including Audience Scanning Laser Safety, General Purpose Light Measurements, Research, Sterilization/UVGI, Solar, Photoresist – lithography, Optical Radiation Hazard, Phototherapy, Photo-Degradation, PPF & PPFD Plant Studies, and more.

ILT2400 optical measurement systems include an ILT2400, carrying case, software and customer-configured detector/filter/optic and calibration. ILT2400 optical measurement systems allow direct reading in the appropriate empirical units, including; lux, foot-candles, candela, lumens, watts, W/cm2, cd/m2, foot-lamberts, nits, etc. The ILT2400 and software are compatible with most Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers.

VIDEOILT2400 Light Meter-Radiometer Overview


Measurement Range: 50pA – 1mA current, 8 decades of light intensity measurements
Screen: 4.3” VGA Capacitive touch screen colour display
Bias: 5V Reverse Bias
Ranging and Averaging: Automatic
Internal Memory: 4 GB
Operating Temperature: 0-40o C
USB: Micro for data download
USB: Mini for charging and remote data logging using DataLight II PC software
Size: 1-3/5” H x 3” W x 6” L
Detector/Sensor connector: 15 pin connector
CE certified: No RF noise