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The Enttec DMX USB PRO converter allows for USB 2.0 support through its USB-B connection to send or receive a physical DMX512 signal from PCs, Macs and Linux devices running through a vast array of third-party software that supports the DMX USB PRO software API.

This DMX USB converter features an internal frame buffer for consistently generating DMX frames when outputting, ensuring a reliable data flow and always giving you a stable data stream, regardless of your PC’s workload.


The Enttec DMX USB PRO comes with the following product specifications:

* Microprocessor enabled
* 1500 V full isolation to protect against surges
* 1 input and 1 output
* RDM enabled
* Support various 3rd party controllers/VJs/Tools
* Internal frame buffering
* Drivers for Windows, Linux and OSX
* Universe and user configuration EEPROM